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Complaint Letter To Landlord | Letter Format

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Looking for complaint letter to landlord? We will guide you by giving example, format and tips which will help you in letter writing.

Just as the name suggests, a complaint letter to landlord is written by a tenant to issue complaints about various factors about the rental apartments. It might be because of noise from the neighbors, faults with some structures in the building and so on. During the process of writing a complaint letter to landlord , the following format should be used.

The date

Give the apartments’ number and the date which you have been a tenant at that apartment. Also give the date when you first noticed the problem and how urgent it is.


Give the reasons that make you write this letter and how the problem affects you and/or the people in your home.


This letter is not all about complaining. You should also give a possible solution about the problem. This shows how determined you are to solve this problem and live harmoniously.


Express your hopes that your grievances will be considered and the problem solved at the right time to make you live harmoniously in your home. Always use a professional yet courteous tone throughout your writing.

Sample Complaint Letter To Landlord

Jeff Kelly 357, Great Apartments, St. Ann’s Avenue 284, Minnesota, USA

Harry Parker 485, Great Apartments, St. Ann’s Avenue 284, Minnesota, USA


I, Jeff Kelly, am a tenant at your apartments, house number 596. I have been loyal to your polices including rent which I usually pay on time since 2nd August 2007 when I first rented this apartment.

For the years I have been your tenant, I have really enjoyed my stay but of late, there is a small setback that threatens to disrupt my peaceful stay. Since 4th October 2011, my wife has had difficult times trying to cope with the leaking kitchen sinks. She has been forced to mop the floor frequently in a bid to stop further flow of water across the room as a result of the leaking sinks.

The presence of a wet floor at home is very dangerous especially for my kids who love running around the house. The slippery floor subjects them to dangers such as sliding. I would be happy if you hire a professional plumber to fix this mess on time considering the associated dangers if left unattended to.

I am looking forward to a positive response from you soon.

Yours Sincerely,

_______________ Jeff Kelly

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complaint letter to landlord

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complaint definition civics Complaint Letter to Landlord, Sample & Format by Shamshad · Published · Updated November 9, 2016

A Complaint Letter to Landlord is written by the tenant to the landlord to complain about an unsatisfactory situation with the rented premise. The complaint letter should be written with relevant and precise information about the unsatisfactory situation so that the landlord can take corrective actions.


John A. Brower

Apartment 3700-C

3093 Hill Haven Drive Killeen, TX 76541

January 12, 2011



Oriental Real Estate Agency

3719 Dogwood Lane Tucson, AZ 85718

Dear Sir/Madam

RE: Complaint against Upstairs Noise

I am writing to complain about the persistent noise that I hear every night from 9 pm for the last two weeks. The noise goes on till the early morning hours which cause me a lack of sleep and be refreshed for work in the morning.

After a week of persistent noises which are like thumping, renovations and people talking, I went upstairs to have a word with the occupants. They seem very apologetic at first, but after three encounters, they refused to open the door. The other tenants seem to be oblivious to the situation, or are they deaf?

I request that you look into my complaint immediately as the lack of rest is affecting my work performance. I would appreciate some prompt and corrective action on this complaint.

Thank you.

Yours sincerely,

John Brower

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Complain To Landlord

This letter template can be customized when registering a complaint with one's landlord about unacceptable conditions in a rental property.

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123 Main St., Apt. #5 Anytown, CA 95928 (555) 555-1212

November 15, 2008

Andy Anderson Main Street Property Management 345 Property Place. Anytown, CA 95928

Dear Mr. Anderson:

As a longtime tenant in good standing of Apt. #5 at Main Street Apartments, I am making a formal complaint about the tenant in Apt. #4.

I feel I have no other choice but to contact your property management firm, because for the past five weeks he has been causing a major inconvenience to myself and the other upstairs tenant by parking his motor scooter directly in front of the stairs.

I have repeated asked him to park the scooter elsewhere, as has my upstairs neighbor, to no avail. Just today I arrived home from work to find the scooter blocking the stairs again.

Your immediate attention to this matter would be greatly appreciated. If you were to contact the tenant directly, I'm sure your words would have a greater impact than ours.

Thank you for your help in this matter.


Danny Daniels

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